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12-Jan-2020 20:32

Simply go to Start Search and doing a search on your whole Computer (usually you designate My Computer as a search area).After you find and know the location folder of the downloaded file, go to it through the My Computer menu or the File Explorer and once you can see this file, start it (by simply double-clicking / clicking twice on it). After the installation, the Point of Sale software will be residing on your PC completely and you can run by double-clicking on the newly created short-cut on your desktop or you can run it from Start All Programs.That is, the query is in the same modality—text—as the documents being searched.Photo search usually matches modalities: text to image.

If your system doesn’t support this automatic feature and doesn’t show the content of the flash drive, you can manually start the installation process by going to “My Computer” and choosing the flash drive by “double clicking” on it.From standalone units to a full network of safes set on a cloud-based business intelligence system, the right cash safes are what will help see that your on-site resources stay secure.Simply put, Fire King's cash management solutions are what take your cash management to the next level.Now you are all set and ready to take your business to new heights, please view all of the software video tutorials, which we provide for this POS software, to better understand it and learn it quicker.

The first thing you need to do is to setup your business preferences on this software and tailor it to your needs.Because Fire King carries bill validating safes, rolled coin vending safes and asset protection products, we are your one-stop resource for transitioning from a reactive to a proactive posture in protecting your assets.