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How sad it is that these fans who LPs have helped so much must be feeling so disillusioned, tainted and sexually confused.Feverish devotion pours from young hormonal little girls’ hearts and panties on some of these forums leaning heavily on the love life of Watkins."He spoke about how she was 'super flirty' - but she was four years old."That is when I knew I had to do something because I knew she was in danger.

She told officers: "May 2011 is when I decided I needed to do something and get more evidence of him and get more confessions out of him.

Lostprophets have been around for around 15 years selling 3 million records and collecting a fairly healthy fan-base in the UK, and most of these fans are die-hard emos.

On forums and chat rooms, most comments have pointed to how LP’s music has saved their life and helped them through tough times.

He has said that "H" stands for "hyperactive", describing his character.

After Steps split on Boxing Day 2001 he formed a duo, H & Claire, with fellow ex-Steps member Claire Richards. He then decided to take a musical theatre course at the Royal Academy of Music.

It is debilitating for me not because I am a fan of this band or Watkins, but because I know that younger and younger emo girl groupies are now putting themselves up for no boundary type of sexual pain and degradation to service their favourite emo/rock star, including participating in child abuse and bestiality just to please him.