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“Well the hardest one to say goodbye to has to be Wilfred Mott, doesn’t it? “I think what was tragic about the Donna one was that he had to remove all that joy from her, take all those wonderful experiences.The tragedy of Rose, of course, was that they could never see each other again…until they did.” Tennant really please the fans when he finally said everything that fans have assumed the Doctor was thinking during Rose’s second goodbye, in the Series 4 finale “Journey’s End.” “How galling to watch someone who looks like you, who basically is you, do all the shagging you didn’t get to do.” I will now pause so that Doctor/Rose shipper have a moment to catch their breath.I’ve been asked to pose for photos with fans who’ve been shaking beside me, just because I played The Doctor.‘I suspect that goes on too with David, who, like me, is intimidating without doing anything to intimidate.Georgia was able to get over that, partly because she’s strong and courageous, and partly because she grew up around an actor who played The Doctor."I feel it's time to move on," Capaldi told BBC Radio."I think Christmas 2017 I’ve just been told." Capaldi will leave along with exiting showrunner Steven Moffat, who is also done after the 2017 Christmas special.

“Even with his busy schedule, David is making a lot of time to spend with her, so he must really like her.” The couple met while filming in Wales. She said: “It was winter when we filmed and I was wearing very little so you can imagine how cold that was.Low-key: David Tennant and his new girlfriend Georgia Moffett leave his north London home on Saturday morning Tennant, 37, and Miss Moffett were photographed leaving his North London houseafter spending the night there on Friday, before meeting on Saturday night at her West London home. He has a record for romancing his leading ladies and members of the film crew and his relationship with Miss Moffett is merely the latest in line of on-set liaisons on Doctor Who.In April, he was reported to be dating second assistant director Jennie Fava, who moved to Cardiff to help film the latest series of the hit BBC1 programme which has been running since 1963.He was also linked to Kylie Minogue after the pop star appeared in the Christmas special, which featured a passionate kiss between the pair.

Who's Who of girlfriends: Tennant dated Dr Who's second assistant director Jennie Fava Last October, Tennant parted ways with actress Sophia Myles after a two-year relationship, following her move to Hollywood.That will be exactly two years after the Scottish star made his final appearance as the Doctor before handing the role over to Matt Smith.