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Validation Event Handler = delegate( object sender, Validation Event Args e ) ; Xml Reader reader = Xml Reader.

For more information, see the Remarks section of the Xml Reader reference page.

Represents a reader that provides document type definition (DTD), XML-Data Reduced (XDR) schema, and XML Schema definition language (XSD) validation. The Xml Resolver is also used to handle any import or include elements found in XML Schema definition language (XSD) schemas.

NET Framework 2.0, we recommend that you use the Xml Reader Settings class and the Xml Reader Sets the Xml Resolver used for resolving external document type definition (DTD) and schema location references.

Checks whether the current node is a content (non-white space text, CDATA, Element, End Element, Entity Reference, or End Entity) node.

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It assigns a new Xml Schema Set object to variable schemas, and calls this object's Add method to add a schema to the collection.

You can create a validating Xml Reader instance by using the Xml Reader Settings class and the Create method.

All nodes returned from the given Xml Reader are also returned from this validating reader, so there is no information loss in the process.

New nodes not returned from the underlying reader may be added by this reader (for example, default attributes and the children of an entity reference).

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Any properties set on the given Xml Text Reader also apply to this validating reader.This article explained about the XML document, XSD schema, and how to validate XML document against XSD schema using Microsoft .